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The emphasis in ambient space music is on cosmic atmosphere and tone, over conventional musical structure and usually it lacks structured melody, rhythm or beat. The sound is usually very peaceful and mellow with a seductive sound great for leisure and chilling. Ambient music as a genre was developed in the United Kingdom in the 1970s using synthesizers. In the 1990s several musicians and artists further popularized and diversified this sensational music style with ambient house, space music, ambient experimental and so on. Over the last decades ambient music has gained a lot of publicity and exposure, a large number of artist today have ventured into being ambient musicians or artists. An artist’s responsibility is to perfect his work so that it becomes attractive and interesting to people, and the most notable ambient artists are Brian Eno, Davis and Fripp. The ambient music genre comprises of sensational music and has changed a great deal, it has blurred the spaces and lines of distinction between various forms of exceptional contemporary art. Ambient music fans can relate to the environmental sounds frequently used in this music genre, this could arouse an appealing contrast which may affect the listener intimately. There are significant implications of ambient space music, such as using fractal concepts rather than using linear ones, thus helping to appreciate a wider variety of sounds and a new way of listening to music in general.

“Ambient space music should arouse a mood and conjure the limitless universe of the mind”ambient space music, download mp3

Relaxing ambient music is designed to enhance or generate an atmospheric quality and create several levels of listening, rather than rhythmic melody, bringing a unique feeling, depth and inner exploration. Space music is intended to evoke a certain mood, deep relaxation, or create something that can be passively perceived where the focus is diffuse, and better listened to at the periphery, with realistic cosmic sounds or noise that resemble space sounds.

Ambient space music should suggest an emotion and conjure the limitless universe of the mind. It is quite common to play this type of music in the background to encourage deep relaxation, meditation and sleep during night time. Playing relaxing instrumental and ambient music has for many years been encouraged to anxious and stressed out people as a therapy form to calm the mind and induce a state of relaxation. Music has the power to affect our mood and emotions tremendously, it can make us feel good, exited, emotional and sad. Listening to music that affects you profoundly makes the brain release dopamine, that is chemicals that causes you to feel joy and happiness, and feelings of satisfaction similar to what chocolate and sex provides. It is the same dopamine response we get from listening to relaxing music that affect us deeply. After a long day to be able to relax to space music is a great way to feel at ease. Listening regularly to calm music will improve your quality of life, increase your self-esteem and relieve any depression you might have. Play for free & download ambient space music mp3s at Music to Relax the relaxing music hub, a website dedicated solely to relaxing music & easy listening sounds.

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