Health Benefits of Relaxing Music

Amazing Health Benefits of Music & Stress Relief Music

There are no secrets that relaxing the body and mind is good for us. An easy and effective way to encourage a state of relaxation is with music. A number of health benefits of music comes from regularly listening to relaxing music and many ancient cultures knew about this. For example, in ancient Greece soothing music was used to relief pain and reduce stress. The Native Americans and Africans used chanting as music for healing rituals and ceremonies. Human cultures all over the globe has used music for recreation, leisure and enjoyment. Today´s modern lifestyle and the problems that it brings, unwinding and relaxing is more important than ever, and one should seize every possible moment that comes up. Whether you are reading at home, enjoying a bath, meditating in nature or visiting a spa, you benefit much more when you are deeply relaxed. Listen and enjoy relaxing sounds to encourage relaxation and reap the amazing health benefits of music that comes with it, this applies to all, adults, children and pets as well.

Improve Your Quality of Life Just by Listening to Stress Relief Music

Here follows the 6 health benefits from listening regularly to relaxing music:
  1. Happier Individual: Music has the power to affect your mood and emotions, it can make you feel happy, exited, also emotional and sad. Listening to music that hits you deeply, makes the brain release dopamine, that is chemicals that causes you to feel excitement and happiness. The good feelings of satisfaction similar to what chocolate and sex provides, the same dopamine response we get from hearing calm music that affect us deeply and thus enhance relaxation. 2. Power to Improve Healing: The body´s natural healing ability is enhanced when the mind and body are completely relaxed. Music can therefore assist the body into releasing its healing powers. An improved healing process have been seen on patients that listened to relaxing music before, during and after surgery. 3. Healthy Heart: The vascular health of those who regularly listen to soft instrumental music is greatly improved, the heart is strengthen and patients suffering from heart disease recover much quicker, because of the endorphins that the brain releases. It affects and stabilizes the heartbeat, pulse rate and blood pressure. 4. Fall Asleep Easier: Anxiety and stress interfere and disrupts with the sleep for millions of people, lying in bed and worrying and thinking of everything keeps many of us up all night. Listening to soothing sleep music and nature sounds at bedtime can have a great effect on your sleep. For example, instead of worrying about tomorrow your attention are no longer on your thoughts that keeps your mind active, but instead calmed down by the gentle music, which relaxes every muscle on the body and thus making it easier to fall asleep. Severe sleep difficulties like insomnia can in some cases be treated effectively with music specially created for inducing deep sleep with binaural beats, that is delta brain waves. 5. Antidote against Stress: Music for relaxation and meditation is capable of reducing high levels of cortisol (stress hormone) which affect our immune system negatively by weakening it which raises the risk of catching a disease. Stress can also disturb learning and cause memory loss. Research on the matter have shown that listening regularly to relaxing music for 35-50 minutes raises the levels of antibodies against cortisol, music therapy can be as effective and helpful as meditation if it’s done properly. More about stress and stress relief music down below. 6. Reduces Anxiety and Depression: Playing your favorite music on a regular basis has shown to reduce anxiety in patients suffering from depression. The therapeutic music had positive effects on their psyche, mood and quality of life. Note that these mentioned health benefits of music are not exhaustive.

Stress – The Cause & Cure – Stress Relief MusicStress relief music mp3 downloads. health benefits of music

Stress perpetuates the survival of every species and it is the body’s natural response to danger. The release of stress hormones enables us to have almost superhuman responses when they are needed most—like single-handedly lifting a car a few inches off the ground to save the life of a child trapped underneath. When we feel stress, our senses heighten and blood rushes to the major muscles of our arms and legs so we can run or take quick action. Stress hormones give us a charge of strength and agility. Once these hormones are released, they do throw the body and mind out of balance, but this imbalance is necessary to face short-term dangers. Under ordinary circumstances, we physically exert ourselves in order to face the danger. Then, when the immediate danger is no longer present, the chemicals disperse and the system comes back into balance. But what happens when the danger we face is not immediate? What if the dangers we perceive are actually coming from the mind rather than the world around us? Like every other kind of strong reaction, stress has to do with how we perceive ourselves and the world around us. Most of the time, stress is caused by a fear or mental obsession of some kind, whose presence continually triggers the stress response.

When stress hormones remain present in the blood over a period of time, the system falls out of balance and stays that way. Our heart rate increases and we tend to hold our breath. Thus, the same responses that save us from immediate danger can also suppress the immune system, restrict blood flow, and drain us of physical, mental, and emotional energy. Stress is an imbalance that exacerbates every other extreme tendency. In other words, when we are under stress, it is more likely that we will fall into some other imbalance—whether it be physical illness, anxiety, or depression. Thus, we need rest and relaxation because the body’s normal mechanism to help us relax is not functioning properly. Even when the anxious body and mind does sleep, that sleep is often disrupted in quality or length, so we rarely feel recharged. Being deprived of rest, we also begin to eat improperly. Without proper rest and nutrition, mental imbalance leads to physical imbalance. As time passes, the body is not capable of sustaining its high energy, so the entire system can collapse and we can experience burnout.

As mentioned above, the simplest and greatest remedy for stress is relaxation, music made specifically for this cause like stress relief music. Many find it difficult to unwind and de-stress after work why playing music in the background to relax the body and mind can be a healthy first step. Relax and don’t forget to take the time to do things that you enjoy! When we are overwhelmed by an emotional imbalance such as stress, anxiety or depression, we often forget, or do not have the energy, to do things that make us feel good. has a wide variety of relaxing music including stress relief music for those who wish to de-stress, sleep and meditate. Play for free or download our high quality mp3s and guided meditations. Many music enthusiasts, including us at Music to Relax, can confirm that relaxing music has had a positive effect on their wellbeing and the amazing health benefits of music are just a bonus.

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