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MUSIC2RELAX.COM – Mind Body Relaxation

We at Music to Relax believe that music in it self is healing, it is something we all are touched by no matter who we are or where we come from. This website Music2relax.com is a music project, consisting of the most relaxing unique music, made with the intent to provide a sublime state of relaxation. Today there is a lot of music websites and platforms, it’s a jungle out there, it can be overwhelming and not that easy to locate the right type of relaxing music. At Music to Relax only the best music for relaxation, meditation, focus and sleep is located at this unique relaxing music hub! No more searching endlessly online for the right type of music to enjoy, just visit one of the many music categories that feels right for the moment and just relax. Music2relax.com contains a wide variety of relaxing music downloads, calm background music, free music playlists for many different occasions and moods for all You music enthusiasts to enjoy! We at Music to Relax are huge fans of all types of relaxing music, as you can see in our menu above. We provide a wide variety of music and sounds and we try to encompass music for all individual preferences and taste. Listen to our classical or instrumental music for creative inspiration, soothing sleep music with binaural beats at bedtime, gentle nature sounds to unwind after a long day, peaceful meditation music during meditation, contemplation and yoga, calm music with alpha brain waves to focus better on exams and studies, smooth downbeat chillout music at the dinner party, soothing spa music while taking a bath etcetera. Music2relax.com is dedicated to everyone who appreciate, is in need or just love relaxing music and sounds.

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Relaxing Music & Guided Meditations Mp3 Downloads

Download high quality unique music and verbal guided meditations that encourage a deep relaxing state. We use the most calming, beautiful and light instruments and sounds that leave you feeling refreshed. In addition we use binaural beats or brain waves to naturally encourage deep relaxation, meditation or concentration. We offer you the best mp3 music downloads for relaxation, sleep, focus and meditation. 

Relaxation Blog

Explore our relaxation blog with interesting and trending articles and posts about relax music, techniques for relaxing and meditating, health information, music articles and a lot of tips and information that improves the quality of life at Music to Relax, the relaxing music hub.

Relaxing Music Project

Siddo P Major is behind the free music project & the website music2relax.com. Music to Relax is a independent project, consisting of the most relaxing music and sounds. Play & download wonderful music to relax and hopefully the sound will encourage relaxation, induce positive feelings & wellbeing.

Support us by buying any of our music tracks and albums in one of the numerous music pages in this website. It costs to run this website so any financial support is much appreciated. We would be very grateful for any donation you can make to uphold this wonderful music project free for all visitors. Thank you for visiting Music to Relax and for streaming, downloading, sharing and supporting us, You the fans are what inspires us and keep us creating beautiful easy listening music.

Relaxing Music Categories & Mp3 Music Downloads

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