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Lullabies have been used to sing for crying babies for generations, singing at bedtime is an ancient tradition that mothers and fathers have been doing to comfort and put their baby to sleep. This is not a western tradition but a universal one across many cultures through the centuries. Every parent has their beliefs and routines about how to care for their baby, what is acceptable and what is not when putting their child to sleep, like leaving a night light on, absolute silence, or having soothing baby music played at bedtime. Many prefer the later because it its beneficial and calming for the child. Finding great baby sleep music can be overwhelming with so many options today, everything from Brahms classical lullabies to calming heart beat sounds. When choosing a soothing lullaby or relaxing tune the music should have less than 59 beats per minute, it´s called a lullaby for a reason, feature soft instrumental music and perhaps gentle nature sounds. Nothing too harsh or loud, nor to upbeat for bedtime. And it should be something the parents should enjoy as well since they will probably hear it a lot. Soothing baby music is a great way of establishing a satisfying sleep routine and it facilitates bounding between the family. Beautiful lullabies and relax music has shown to sooth and calm both babies and adults. Lullabies have a proven track record of calming babies, just ask any parent who sings to their crying baby.

Soothing baby music and lullabies for infants, toddlers and children are created for the purpose to sooth and comfort, and is a big help for parents at naptime, the music can also be used during daytime and evenings before sleep time. Playing baby sleep music for a crying child is a very effective pacifier, and calm lullabies, beautiful instrumental music and classical music are very effective soothing melodies. Relaxing nature sounds like rain drops, waterfalls and ocean sounds are great sounds for a crying and sleepy baby. The music and sounds will help the baby to fall asleep faster than without any relaxing music and also stay asleep longer. Playing soft instrumental music for premature babies in hospital environment as part of therapy has shown to improve weight gain and the premature infants had a shorter stay at the hospital after listening to lullabies. Music for babies is also important for their brain development, their minds are activated by sensory stimulation which is important for a healthy development. Baby music could in that sense be used as a tool for the child´s physical and emotional well-being. Music stimulation or education at an early age is good for the young child in many ways, it improves visual skills, communication skills and verbal skills. the relaxing music hub where You can play free music lullabies and download high quality soothing baby music.

5 Amazing Benefits of Baby Sleep Music for the Development of BabiesDownload soothing baby music and lullabies mp3 - free baby sleep music

Relaxing music increases a baby’s sensory development. Just as colors, taste, textures aid a child’s sensory development, so does music. Exposing your child to different types of lullabies and sounds can help create more pathways between the brain cells. This effect increases even more when you link music to different activities such as dancing.

Calming music can improve literacy and numeracy. From an early age, toddlers can hear the difference between different types of sounds. After just a few weeks, an infant is able to identify their mother’s voice from other people’s. Exposure to baby sleep music enhances a child’s natural ability to decode sounds and words.

Soothing baby music and lullabies is a mood lifter. A lot of parents tuck their children in with a lullaby or calm them down with a song. Just as music can soothe a child, it can also lift their spirit.

Music helps children build coordination. Even if your child doesn’t understand the lyrics of a song yet, they can move to the rhythm of the music. You may have already noticed your child dancing to certain songs or liking certain pieces of music more than others.

Instrumental music can help toddlers develop their vocabulary. Even though at first your child may not understand the words in a song or in a nursery rhyme, they do develop their understanding by identifying the storytelling in a song.

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