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  1. Celectial Ocean Stress Relief Music with Theta Waves 30:00
  2. Creativity and Focus - Alpha Waves Relaxing Music 30:00
  3. Theta Brain waves Zen Meditation Music Siddo P Major 45:00
  4. Positive Energy Music Therapy for Wellbeing Siddo P Major 45:00

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Pure Alpha, Theta & Delta Brain Waves

A powerful way of generating positive change in your life, due to how the brain functions, is with binaural beats. We use pure binaural beats with carefully selected relaxing music, for a more pleasant experience, with the main focus being on the therapeutic value. When you listen to any of our free brainwave entrainment mp3 music for relaxation, meditation, sleep, or focus you are literally rewiring your mind to form new neural pathways for your future health and success. Binaural beats can be divided into four main groups, alpha, beta, delta, and theta brain waves. The goal of brainwave entrainment is to cause the natural brainwaves of people to fall into step with the intermitted stimulus, having a frequency corresponding to the intended mind state. Read More
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