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  1. Purple Nights Chillout Music Mix Siddo P Major 25:46
  2. Cafe Andaluz Lounge Music Mix Siddo P Major 32:07
  3. Beirut Café Lounge Music Mix Siddo P Major 33:11
  4. Romántico Spanish Guitar Siddo P Major 34:26 Logo, Music to Relax, Music2Relax, Chillout, Ambient, Lounge Music,

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Chillout music is loosely defined as relaxing popular music characterized by laid-back moods and relaxed beats. It is a sub-genre of ambient music and share similarities with lounge, downtempo, jazz and instrumental music, and gets its influence from new age, electronica and downbeat psychedelic music. Chillout music became popular in the 90s and was played at clubs and bars during after-hours as a counter weight to the upbeat dance music, as it created a relaxed atmosphere great for relaxation after dancing all night. At you can play free upbeat instrumental music, that is uplifting happy background music and download cool chill out, ambient and lounge music mp3.Read More
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