Free Relaxing Music for Relaxation, Meditation & Sleep

Free Mp3 Music Download for Meditation, Sleep & Relaxation

At you can play free music & download mp3 music for meditation, relaxation and sleep. We offer you the best and most calming, relaxing and peaceful free mp3 tracks for download, explore our unique instrumental music, meditation music, chillout lounge music, nature sounds, sleep music, spa music and study music at Music to Relax, the relaxing music hub.

Play Free Ambient, Lounge & Chillout Music

Free mp3 music download of meditation music

Meditation Music Download

Enjoy high quality mp3s of ambient, lounge and chillout music downloads. Works perfect as background music during dinner, party or for the individual who wish to just relax and unwind at home. Chillout lounge music is usually very relaxed and mellow with a seductive beat great for leisure because it relaxes the body and loosen up any tension. Ambient music is designed to generate an atmospheric quality, rather than rhythmic melody, bringing a unique feeling, depth and inner exploration. Play our unique free mp3 music downloads of chillout music to encourage and enhance a calm mental state and relaxation. Music has the power to affect our mood and emotions, it can make us feel good, exited, emotional and sad. Listening to music that affects you profoundly makes the brain release dopamine, chemicals that causes you to feel happy.

Beautiful Instrumental & Classical Free Mp3 Music Download

instrumental music, piano and guitar free mp3 music download

Instrumental Music Downloads

The relaxing effect of instrumental music & classical music is well known, the harmonies can move us and change the atmosphere in a room. Enjoy our relaxing music free download of beautiful instruments like piano, guitar, flute and violin for recreation and relaxation. The original music for relaxation is classical music, from the beautiful nocturnes Chopin or the gentle sonatas and concertos by Mozart. These powerful classical music composers have affected millions of people around the world and through the centuries, spreading good vibes and relaxation to the masses.

Peaceful Meditation, Yoga & Zen Relaxing Music Free Download

Free mp3 music download of meditation music, peaceful music and sounds for mindfulness practice, contemplation, yoga and inner reflection. Let the subtle relaxing sounds take you to a higher state of consciousness. Relax your body and mind with the help of theta waves, binaural beats, for an enhanced meditative state. Relaxing music give rise to pleasant feelings, which is why we enjoy listening to it. Well composed meditation music is universal and transcends language and cultural barriers, that is why it’s used for recreation and healing around the world. The natural healing ability of the body is greatly enhanced when you are mentally and physically relaxed. Music for meditation can therefore assist the body into releasing its healing powers. Studies have shown an improved healing process on patients that listened to relaxing music before, during and after surgery. The vascular health of those who regularly play soft music was greatly improved, the heart was strengthened and the patients suffering from heart disease recovered much quicker because of the endorphin release. Peaceful mediation music affects and stabilizes the heartbeat, pulse rate and blood pressure.

Soothing Spa Music & Free Nature Sounds

spa and massage relaxing music free downloads

Soothing Spa Music

Refreshing instrumental spa music and nature sounds that leaves you feeling completely relaxed. Why not listen to spa music while taking a bath, reading, meditating, resting or sleeping, the music works great as soothing background music. Relaxing music free download of spa music includes mostly soft instrumental music, using the most popular instruments like guitar, piano and flute. Nature sounds are frequently used and added to relaxing music. Mother nature is great at composing the most soothing and peaceful nature sounds to enhance the spa experience and induce a state of relaxation. When thinking of nature sounds, calming water sounds like soothing rainfall and ocean sounds comes to mind.

Deep Sleep Relaxing Music Free Download Mp3

Sleep music is calm music and sounds with binaural beats, in this case delta waves. Usually instrumental or ambient music that will make you sink into a deep sleep, and with the help of the added delta waves you will fall asleep much faster than without. Listening to sleep music is getting quite popular today as a sleep and stress aid. Get your free mp3 music download of deep sleep music today and improve your sleep quality to night, fall asleep faster and fall into a deep sleep with the help of original mp3 music and sounds available only at Anxiety and stress interfere and disrupts the sleep for millions of people, lying in bed and worrying keeps many of us up all night. Listening to music for sleep at night can have a great effect on your sleep pattern. For example, instead of worrying about tomorrow your attention are no longer on your thoughts that keeps your mind over active, but your mind is instead focused on the sound of the music, relaxing the body and thus making it easier to fall asleep. Severe sleep difficulties like insomnia can in some cases be treated effectively with the help of music specially made for inducing deep sleep with powerful delta waves.

Relaxing Music Free Download: Ambient Music, Chillout Music, Classical Music, Meditation Music, Nature Sounds, Sleep Music & Spa Music

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