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For us to dive deeper into your subconscious, I will need you to relax as much as you can. In the following few minutes, we are going to try a muscle relaxation exercise. I invite you to focus on the field, so you can tense and relax it. When I tell you to tense a city, this should not cause you any pain whatsoever. If, at any point, you feel discomfort, please stop or try to ease up on tensing the area. Now is the time you play guided meditation youtube music or download high-quality guided meditation mp3 with soothing vocals, nature sounds, and soft music with binaural beats without any interruptive commercials at this website:

When you are ready, take a deep breath. Inhale… exhale, and we will begin.

We are first going to start with your neck and your shoulders.
To start, please try to raise your shoulders toward your ears. As you do this, you will feel the muscles in your neck, and joints begin to tighten. Feel the tension, where it builds, and then release. Allow your shoulders to drop to their normal position. Your shoulders and neck should feel comfortable. If not, try this again until you feel the muscles release and relax.

Remember to breathe through this process. Inhale and exhale. Now, we will move on to your hands. Play in the background meditation music or youtube sleeping music if it helps you to relax.

I want you to squeeze both hands into fists. Your hands are in very tight balls. You can try to pretend that you are squeezing a rubber ball. Hold this ball in your hands and feel as the tension begins to build first in your hands, and gently moves up your forearms.
When you feel the pressure, release your hands. Gently shake them and get rid of any tension. How do your hands feel now? They should feel much more relaxed.
With your neck and hands relaxed, let us draw your attention to your forehead. Our faces do a lot of activity for us throughout the day. Our facial expressions allow us to tell people when we are happy, sad, or stressed. I want you to raise your eyebrows. Feel as the muscles in your forehead begin to tighten and hold that position. Now, try to lower your eyebrows and tighten your eyes. Hold this tight for a few moments and then release.
Notice now how relaxed and smooth your forehead feels now that you have released the tension. Your eyelids are gently resting over your eyes, and you feel comfortable again. When you are ready, inhale and exhale now, moving your focus to your jaw.
If you can, tightly close your mouth. Feel how tight your jaw feels as you clamp it shut. Your lips are tense across your teeth, and the tension builds in your jaw. Take a moment to note how this feels, and then relax your jaw. Allow your mouth to fall relaxed and loose. Release all tension.

To complete your relaxation, we will now practice deep breathing. Deep breathing is an excellent practice as it can help cure any stress or anxiety you may be feeling at any given moment. As you breathe, you remind your body that this is fundamental to your survival. Any time we are stressed, you may not notice, but our breathing patterns change. By doing this, your body attempts to survive physical activity.

While helpful in actual dangerous situations, it won’t help you if you are anxious over something that is hazardous to you immediately. When our breathing becomes rapid, it also becomes shallow. Short, shallow breaths may make you feel like you are unable to catch your breath. It is because you are not breathing correctly.
When we do not breathe properly, our lungs fill with stale, old air. It is not helpful as new air is unable to enter. In this sense, you need oxygen to fill yourself with positive energy. Proper breathing techniques will help you in multiple ways, from relaxing to letting go of stress. When you learn to breathe the right way, you can stop the negative cycle and gain the ability to calm your body under stressful circumstances.
If you find yourself breathing too quickly, it could cause tingling, numbness, or even lightheadedness. The cure here is to learn how to slow down your breathing. Bring your focus on keeping your breath deep and full.
Now, I am going to go through a breathing exercise with you. Before we begin, I want you to take careful note of how you are breathing right now. Are your lungs full? Release all tension and feel how wonderful and light your head feels to the subtle sounds of youtube meditation music:

How is the guided sleep meditation youtube affecting you?
When you are ready, I want you to inhale slowly and count to four. We will pause and count to three and then exhale to the count of five. Ready?

Wonderful, Let us try it a few more times. Genuinely try to focus on each step of your breath. Trust the natural rhythm of your breathing to help relieve any anxiety or stress you may be holding onto.
With your breath in mind, it is now time to give in entirely to relaxation. It is time to assure your body and mind are both set for the session. Now, I want you to repeat after me, and then we will begin.

I am gently going into a state of total relaxation
At this moment, my body and mind are both relaxing.
I am going deeper and deeper. I am relaxing, more profound, and more in-depth.
Every muscle in my body is relaxing. I feel peaceful. Everything around me is quiet.

Wonderful, Now, I am going to count from number one to number ten. When I reach ten, your whole body will be relaxed. You will be safe and utterly calm in your mind and your soul. When you are ready, take a deep breath, exhale, and we will begin.

1) Feels as all of the muscles in your face begin to relax. Your face was active all day long. At this moment, it is time to give your face a rest to youtube sleep music playing in the background.
2) The muscles in your neck begin to melt. They are loosening and relaxing. Your neck worked all day to keep your head on straight. Feel as the muscles relax and melt into your pillow and bed. They can finally rest up for another day.
3) Feel as your shoulders relax further into the bed. If there is any tension in them, shake them out gently and allow them to fall away from your ears. Many of us hold our shoulders scrunched up throughout the day. We do it subconsciously when we are scared, stressed, or even just cold. Allow your shoulders to relax entirely and feel them fall peacefully onto the bed without a care in the world.
4) Gently bring your focus to your hands. They are finally done for the day. They held your food for you, typed away on the computer, and held your loved one. Now, they are free of any responsibility. Give them a quick flex and relax your hands. Allow your fingers to fall away from your fists and allow them to rest wherever they are at this moment.

5) The rest of your body begins to rest, feel as your chest muscles relax to sleeping music youtube. They follow suit from your neck and your shoulders. Focus on the lungs inside of your chest. Breathing is coming quickly and naturally. Each time you breathe, you feel yourself relax further into your meditation. Peacefully, thank your lungs for doing such an excellent job to support you.
6) Imagine the muscles in your back begin to loosen. As you lay in bed, they are finally able to relax. They worked hard all day to keep you upright and supported you when you needed them most. Now, they can relax and enjoy a good night’s rest. Feel the muscles in your back and lower back; let go of any final tension.
7) Now, the muscles in your stomach are relaxing. If you were stressed today, you might have felt a lot of tension in your stomach. It is why we use the expressions “butterflies in my stomach” or “I felt sick to my stomach.” There are many connections between our psyche and our stomachs. At this moment, you have no worries. Your stomach can relax and rest for the night.
8) Feel the muscles of your buttock begin to relax. It is a location many of us don’t spend a lot of time thinking about. Feel as the muscles loosen and relax to calming guided sleep meditation youtube music. Your buttock sinks deeper into the bed, and you feel yourself becoming even more comfortable as your body gets ready for a full night’s rest.
9) The top of your thighs is relaxing. Your legs do so much work throughout the day. They allow you to walk from place to place and support you. Gently release any tension that may be built up in your legs and picture them sinking more in-depth and more comfortable into the bed.
10) Finally, feel like the muscles in your lower legs relax. Your feet let go of all tension, and you find yourself completely comfortable. There is not a single place in your body, holding onto stress. You feel comfortable, safe, and at peace.
Now, you are in a state of total and deep relaxation. From the top of your head to the tip of your toes, you are relaxed.
You are feeling better and better. You are ready to focus on sleep at the count of three.
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