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Albert Einstein famously said ‘everything in life is vibration’, and he was of course right about that. Aum sometimes spelled ‘Om’ is a well-known and widely used word from Sanskrit, an ancient language. One of the facets of Sanskrit that makes it so interesting is that it is a vibrational language. Modern science has found what the ancient mystics knew all along: everything in the physical world is vibrating at a range of frequencies that enables them to maintain their individual physical forms. Quantum physicists have said that when you delve down to the subatomic particle level and beyond to even tinier levels, all you find is light potentials coming in and out of existence. At the quantum level, which is beyond what can be seen, heard or touched by your senses, everything is vibrating at frequencies, which, as you return to viewing them with the naked eye, end up being a tree or a chair etcetera. Even your body is vibrating at a range of frequencies. The focus from now on is on the auditory aspect like healing frequency music and Chakra meditation music.

What is Chakra & Healing Frequency Music

The meaning of Chakra and the Chakras is spinning wheel of energy or energies in Sanskrit. There are seven main Chakras running up the spine of the human body, and each one is associated with different parts of the body. By Chakra balancing and healing frequency music one can achieve a healthier balance of the body, mind and spirit. The first is the root Chakra, in Sanskrit Muladhara, and is located at the base of the spine, the second is the navel Chakra, in Sanskrit Swadhistana, the third is the solar plexus, in Sanskrit Manipura, the fourth is the heart Chakra, in Sanskrit Anahata, the fifth is the throat Chakra, in Sanskrit Vishudda, the sixth is the third-eye Chakra, in Sanskrit Ajna, the seventh and last is the crown Chakra, in Sanskrit Sahasrara, and is located on top of the head.

Healing music and Chakra music falls under the sub-genre of Meditation Music which falls under the New Age music chakra meditation music - download healing frequency music mp3genre. Listening to music during relaxation, yoga and meditation gives you a better session or practice and it enhance the experience. The music can boost the mood and distract you from uncomfortable poses during yoga, it can also increase your strength. A great bonus coming from deep relaxation and meditation is that a lot of endorphins are generated in the body, hormones that makes us feel good and satisfied, this will encourage you to continue with the practice.

Chakra meditation music is usually calm ambient or soft instrumental music with powerful theta brain waves, that is binaural beats or so-called brain wave entrainment and the purpose with this is to cause the brain waves of the listener to fall into step with the intermitted stimulus having a frequency corresponding to the intended mind-state. The frequency of theta waves is in the range of 4 to 7 cycles per second (Hz). Sanskrit chants and mantras is often included in meditation music, music to keep the mind in the present moment and not wander off into mindless chatter, but fully aware of the sound and vibrations that fills up the space. Meditation done correctly helps to silent the mind, and thus bringing you to a deep stillness and inner peace.

Healing frequency music like Chakra meditation music is produced with the purpose to activate the energy fields, heal physical pain, end internal conflict and improve the overall quality of life and wellbeing of the listener. When you are in complete state of relaxation, your body´s natural ability to heal itself is significantly enhanced. Whether you are listening to deep meditation music or by silent meditation, you can assist the body to renew and release its healing powers. You can at play free music and download high quality mp3 music for relaxation, meditation and sleep, we recommend the use of headphones when listening to healing frequency music and chakra meditation music with powerful theta waves.

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