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Relaxing music is not only for us humans to appreciate, many animal owners today want their furry friends to relax and unwind to relaxing music for dogs and calming music for cats. Unfortunately, there are many dogs, cats and birds that are lonely or anxious and could use some therapeutic music, especially pets that spend a lot of time all alone. The best alternative for a lonely animal is companionship, however classical music or relaxing music composed especially for animals can have a very positive effect on your dog or cat. Calming music can be just as effective on a dog or cat as on a human being, it can help them to calm down and sleep. Music is an inexpensive remedy for anxious pets.

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Many of us play music or leave the TV on for our dogs and cats while we are at work, especially when dealing with a new pet in the house. Having something relaxing played in the background seems to help alleviate the anxiousness of the animal when left alone. Playing relaxing music for dogs in kennels have shown to have a calming effect on the animals. Specially instrumental music does seem to calm our furry friends. If you pet has problems falling asleep, is feeling anxious or is stressed out during thunderstorms and fireworks, you should first try calming music for cats and dogs, before taking the animal to the vet or giving it any medication. Therapeutic music for dogs or cats will keep them calm, happy and healthy. Soothing music like classical music and piano music with nature sounds like ocean waves, rain drops or beautiful bird song that induce a peaceful and laid back atmosphere is the perfect music for an anxious or lonely animal. is a place dedicated solely to relaxing music & easy listening sounds, where you find free music and amazing mp3 downloads for humans and animals.

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