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How do I download?

With a click! After a successful purchase we instantly send you an email containing purchase receipt with download link(s). To download you just click on the link and the music will immediately download to your device as shown on the image.

Download mp3 music
Where is my purchased music download? I can’t find it?

We always send an email containing purchase receipt with download link(s) to your inbox after a successful purchase. This email can sometimes end up in the junk mail (spam folder). Look for an email from, open it and click on the download link and the music will begin to download to your device. If you gave us the wrong email address during the purchase you need to contact us and give us the correct email address and the purchase confirmation receipt.

I clicked on the download link but there is no download to be found? There is only music being played!

A) If only music is being played and not downloaded then you need to click on the download icon as shown on the images below! If a download icon is nowhere to be found, you need to download from another browser (because your browser can´t download). We recommend Chrome or Firefox, great browsers for downloading!

B) If you are using iPhone or iPad you need to download the mp3 from a computer first and then transfer it from the computer to the iPhone using iTunes (apple music), because all iOS devices are unfortunately unable to download any files without the use of iTunes. See the second question below for further assistance.

C) You might need to update your device to the latest version! You may need to adjust the settings of your device and enable download. Is a software program hindering you from downloading?

D) Sometimes the download was successful but it ended up in an unusual place, so try to search for the file on your device.

Can I play your mp3 music on my computer and phone?

Yes, all our music and sounds are mp3 files, and mp3s are the playback of choice in the music world today. That is, Windows, Mac and Linux computers, and all iOS and Android phones and tablets can play our music.

I can’t download directly to my iPhone (iOS device)?

That is because all iOS devices like iPhone, iPad and iPods are fundamentally unable to download any files including mp3 files. We recommend that you download the purchased music to a computer first, then transfer the music to your iOS device using iTunes. You need to open the email containing the purchase receipt and download link(s) from a computer and not from the iOS device. Click here to watch a video on how to transfer music from a computer to iPhone.

I had interruptions and my purchased music was not fully downloaded (completed)?

If there are any interruptions click again on the download link. Make sure you have a stable Internet connection before downloading and that your device has enough storage for the mp3 file(s).

How big are the mp3 files?

Our mp3 tracks range between 5 to 50 megabyte (MB) in size, and on average our albums are 200 MB.

Can I sell, distribute or upload the purchased music on Youtube?

You are free to use our relaxing music on your videos on YouTube. That is music you have payed for on our website and not free music downloads.However, you can’t monetize or earn any money on our relaxing music on YouTube or in other online platforms, nor sell our music to others, that is illegal because our relaxing music in copyright protected. Click here for more information about copyright and uploading our music on Youtube!.


Contact us if you can´t find the answer to your question, click here!


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