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What is Zen & Zen Meditation Music

Zen it is a part of Mahayana Buddhism, it means to live in the now and awareness of the oneness with everything. To have a peace of mind is to be Zen, a state of relaxation that has a sense of inner and outer calm and ease. Zen practices should be practiced regularly in everyday life in order to have a balanced life. By listening to mind relaxing music like Zen music with theta brain waves, a sense of balance is introduced to a busy lifestyle, you create a sacred place of peace, which allows each day to be experienced fully, from a place within aligned with one´s true nature. The sound is primarily instrumental music with an oriental touch like Japanese or Chinese flute and with elements of nature, like water sounds and bird song, for a soothing and peaceful experience. Listening to relaxing music and guided meditations can be a great help for you to be in the present and not wander off into mindless chatter, but instead mindful of the sound and vibrations that fills up the space. Well composed meditation music is universal and transcends language and cultural barriers, that is why it’s used for recreation and healing around the world. To have inner balance in these stressful times can be rather difficult. However, a Zen mind is possible for all practitioners of meditation and yoga to attain, it is not exclusive to only those who have reached enlightenment, more about this further below. Music2relax.com: The relaxing music hub where you can play free mind relaxing music and download high quality Zen meditation music.

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Your Relationship with Your Mind & How to Attain a Zen Mind

How many thoughts would you say you have every day? Although the figures vary, the average person has between 40.000 to 100,000 thoughts every day. If you are honest with yourself, you might find a large proportion of your thoughts are less than 100 percent positive in nature. And you’d be right to think so, as these statistics make sense when you remember that the mind operates using judgment – putting everything that has happened, is happening or might happen into mind-made boxes of good or bad, positive or negative, right or wrong, better or worse. No wonder so many people end up having ‘negative’ thoughts now and again. Improving your relationship with your mind, so you can be at peace with whatever thoughts pass through your conscious awareness, is possible. Furthermore, learning to let your thoughts come and go from a more neutral viewpoint can be very liberating indeed.

Being at peace with your mind makes it feasible to maintain a state of calm contentment, even when negative thoughts are occurring in your mind. For example, this thought might pop into your mind: What if I run out of money this month? If you don’t see the thought and let it go as fast as it came, you can end up resisting the thought. As a result, you can end up experiencing an array of emotions, including angst or fear, as the feelings associated with resisting the thought flood your mind. However, if you can see the thought – by being consciously aware – you will find that the thought can be present within you without it being a problem or causing you any stress whatsoever. What a relief! Contemplating and watching thoughts arise is not an easy feat however one need to practice regularly to be able to do this, sometimes a little help from mind relaxing music like Zen meditation music can be a great way to calm the mental chatter.

“Life can become an emotional roller coaster if you fully engage in every thought that passes through your mind. Seeing your thoughts instead of being your thoughts makes all the difference”

Being consciously aware is paramount to how you relate to your mind. Remember, you are that which iszen meditation music mp3 downloads. mind relaxing music aware of your mind. Meaning if you are unaware then you are more likely to engage in intrusive thoughts or negative thoughts and get lost in unproductive downward-spiraling thinking and feeling. If, however, you can be aware enough to observe your thoughts then it creates some space between you and the thoughts, and you simultaneously experience the inner calm of your conscious awareness. Many people know this frustration of mental chattering. Why is my mind so busy all the time, why are my thoughts racing?! Going over things at a million miles per hour. Tossing and turning through sleepless nights and sometimes it´s impossible to focus during work. So how do I start to heal my busy mind?

Achieve a Peaceful Zen Mind with 10 Easy Steps

  1. Live in the now and let go of the past: Do not dwell on what has happened in the past, it is gone and cannot be changed. Look forward to what you can do to make your life better in the future and live in the only time that truly exists, right now.
  2. Live with no fear: Live your life with as little fear as possible and make decisions based on what you should do, not based on what you feel comfortable with. Push yourself to do things that scare you and embrace new challenges every day.
  3. Anger management: Anger only hurts the person that feels the emotion, not the person it is aimed towards. In order to feel Zen, release all of the anger that is built up inside you and practice forgiveness instead.
  4.  Do less and de-stress: A complicated, hectic life is rarely a Zen one so if you need more peace in your life give up some unnecessary responsibilities that are weighing you down and stressing you out. Simplify your life so that it reflects who you really are and what you really want.
  5. Share your happiness: There is great happiness to be found in making other people feel good, so put yourself in a Zen mood by smiling and being kind to those around you.
  6. Don’t get attached: Money and materialistic items do not serve to bring us happiness or satisfaction, they are mere distractions from what really matters in life. To practice feeling Zen more often try to give up the items that we place monetary value on and place your value on experiences and making memories instead.
  7. Take breaks: Give yourself a Zen moment at some stage of the day by taking some time for yourself to do whatever you enjoy or whatever relaxes you. A Zen moment could be as simple as having a nice cup of tea, just make sure to appreciate it more than usual! Listen to mind relaxing music like Zen meditation music in the background during relaxation and meditation.
  8. Love full-heartedly: Remind your loved ones that you are there for them and that you love them and live your life with an open heart. Once you are open to the idea and prospect of love, you will find that it will also be open to you.
  9. Simple living: Let go of what is unnecessary, only hold onto the things that truly enrich your life and fill you with joy.
  10. What you start you should finish: Do everything with conviction and finish what you start, or if not at least have the courage to decide that something isn’t working out so that you can put an end to it.

The Incredible Benefits of Zen Practice and Zen Meditation Music

  • A better understanding of the self is achieved through Zen meditation. That is, through meditation the individual becomes more aware of herself and more receptive to the insights that arise from her deeper being.
  • A new sense of relaxation and inner peace can be derived from meditation.
  • The process itself promotes a clearer mind and improved powers of concentration. These extend outside the Zen meditation session.
  • The individual, by discovering her inner self, is able to live more in harmony with herself.
  • By developing a sense of detachment, the individual comes to accept that many of her unpleasant emotional reactions are no more than short-lived bodily sensations created by her thoughts.
  • The emphasis on self-awareness helps the individual to live in the present and to value the here-and-now. When the mind is concentrated in the moment, it becomes keenly alert.
  • The natural healing ability of the body is greatly enhanced when you are mentally and physically relaxed. Mind relaxing music can assist the body into releasing its healing powers.
  • Studies have shown an improved healing process on patients that listened to Zen meditation music before, during and after surgery. The vascular health of those who regularly played such music was greatly improved. The heart was strengthened and the patients suffering from heart disease recovered much quicker because of the endorphin release. Peaceful mind relaxing music affects and stabilizes the heartbeat, pulse rate and blood pressure.

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