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Baby Bedtime Music Album

Play & Download Baby Bedtime Music Mp3 Album

Baby Bedtime Music. soothing mp3 music download

Download Baby Bedtime Music Album for only 3.95$: Contains 5 tracks with 200 minutes of mp3 music. Our original price is 5.95$, You save 2$. The album is composed of our most popular relaxing lullabies, gentle sleep music and soothing nature sounds, soft music for babies and children to fall asleep.

Track list as in playlist below: 1)Baby Bunny Lullaby, 2)Nature Baby Lullaby, 3)Soothing Baby Music Lullaby with Gentle Rain, 4)Gentle Baby Music, 5)Enchanted River

  1. Baby Bunny Lullaby Siddo P Major 20:02
  2. Nature Baby Lullaby Siddo P Major 30:00
  3. Soothing Baby Music Lullaby with Gentle Rain Siddo P Major 45:00
  4. Gentle Baby Music Siddo P Major 45:00
  5. Enchanted River Siddo P Major 1:00:00

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