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  1. Feng Shui Spa Relaxing Music Siddo P Major 32:56
  2. Pure Relaxation - Spa Therapy Siddo P Major 35:00
  3. Rainforest Spa and Relax Music Siddo P Major 45:00
  4. Cherry Blossom Spa Music Siddo P Major 45:00

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Spa Music for Relaxation, Meditation & Sleep

Spa music is very calming and encourages deep relaxation. We all need a little time for our self sometimes, to relax after a hard day and enjoy a massage or a warm bubble bath is a good way to take that time. Make the most of the experience with scented candles and your favorite spa music track and drift away into a relaxing bliss. There are different types of spa music and the influences come from new age music, nature sounds, oriental and eastern instrumental music and from western instruments like piano, flute and guitar.Read More

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